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Friday, 4 January 2013

Progress with Goblin Town and the Great Goblin

First of all, I hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year! I certainly did, especially since I got the Escape from Goblin Town set and it is fantastic!

I've made a good bit of progress with Goblin Town. The plastic scenery pieces from the EfGT set serve as sturdy platforms between which I have run my own bridges. The new parts still need painting. (Click to enlarge).

Higgledy-piggledy Goblin Town

In the second picture, see if you can spot the Great Goblin!

The Great Goblin (or Goblin King, whichever you prefer) is the first model I have painted in the set. I used plenty of layers to create the mottled flesh effect.

The beautiful (sarcasm) Great Goblin.

Coming soon: more EfGT models and Ebob Miniatures Normans for Tarnost Guards of Belfalas!


  1. Nice work, I'll watch with interest.

  2. Looks awesome John! Can't wait till the bridges are painted

    1. Thanks Rowan! I'm back to school now, so less time on my hands, but I'll hopefully chip away at it :)

  3. Oh wow! I didn't see this...
    That Goblin town looks amazing!
    really neat work!

  4. What did you make your bridges out of?

    1. I made them out of lollypop sticks glued to string which is run between the platforms.