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Monday, 15 September 2014

Return of the King (of this blog) and Fulfilment of the Liebster Award

My previous post began: "It's been a long time since my last post!"
So I can only say now: "It's been a ridiculously long time since my last post!"

The last year has been rather busy due to the necessary evils that are A-levels, and as a result my hobby work unfortunately was not exactly top of the list of activities. However, this year is a gap year for me, so that means time for the long-neglected paints and brushes to get to work!

As you might have noticed on the right hand side is the Liebster Award logo ->
I have been very kindly (and very long ago) been nominated twice, the first time by Chris, Guard of Mardat (http://chrisgomhobbyblog.blogspot.co.uk), and most recently by Karavatis (http://karavatis.blogspot.com.es). Thank you to both of you!

To my shame, however, I neglected to fulfil the requirements of the Liebster Award. The aim is to generate a wider awareness of blogs with fewer than 200 followers through one's following and nominating of more blogs. The rules seem to be slightly different depending on who nominated you, but I will follow an amalgamated scheme from my two nominators.

Firstly, my answers to Karavatis' questions (note that the original questions were in Spanish, so some of the questions appear to have lost their essence in translation - I will do my best to answer what was intended, Mr Karavatis!)

1. Why did you decide to blog?
I decided to blog after seeing some of the blogs belonging to One Ring members. I decided it would by a good way to display my hobby work!

2. What are your favourite war games?
Since I have only ever played the 'LotR/Hobbit Strategy Battle Game' and 'War of the Ring', I have a limited choice, but I definitely prefer the SBG! I am intrigued by Gripping Beast's 'Saga', however...

3. Painting, converting or gaming?
I personally prefer the manual sides, so that would be painting or converting. But, since painting can be reversed and converting can be hit-or-miss, I would choose painting. Though I do enjoy each aspect in its own way.

4. A favourite movie?
The Fellowship of the Ring!

5. A favourite band or singer?
Those who know me personally will be more than aware that my tastes in music literally go back hundreds of years! My favourite group would probably be 'Capella de la Torre' - a Renaissance ensemble from Germany. You can check out their website here: Capella de la Torre, and listen to some of their music here: Youtube. My favourite album is their 'Christmas Concert' - not your usual Christmas carols!

6. A couple of blogs you find indispensable?
I hope this one is translated correctly? Anyway, I will include two blogs here that I cannot nominate as they have over 200 subscribers: Je Lay Emprins, which I find inspirational. He paints and converts mostly Perry miniatures for the Wars of the Roses period, which you can also see in my Fiefdoms projects. Also his other blog: Harness and Array, which includes his projects for the Hundred Years War.

7. What is your favourite work you are proud of?
This is a tough one, but I'm particularly pleased with some of my Mithril Minatures paint jobs. I really can't decide!

8. A dream that is special to you?
I'm not sure of the original meaning of this question! I'll take it as meaning What is your greatest aspiration? in which case it would be to serve my Lord Jesus Christ as best as I can!

9. Approximately how many miniatures do you have?
A very good question! I started a count a good time ago, but I can't remember what the total was. This is probably something I should try again, but I'm guessing it's approaching about 3000!

10. A virtue?
As the apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church:
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always trusts, always protects, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

11. A wish for the remainder of the year?
To be of use in whatever I happen to do in this gap year!

The nominees below may answer these questions on their blogs if they so desire!

Secondly, in no particular order, some blogs that I wish to nominate for the award (all nominees are automatic winners!):

East Grinstead Wargamers
The battle reports here are excellent. Note - I do believe they are now operating as the West Sussex Wargamers, but this blog is full of excellent work!

Simmuskhan's Battle Blog
Again, the battle reports here are excellent. They were a great inspiration for me to write my own!

Sid the Sloth's Lord of the Rings Blog
I particularly enjoy looking at Sid's Thorin's company - some lovely subtle conversions and painting!

The Dead Marshes
Most painting does not get near this level!

Hopefully I will get this blog kicked back into life soon!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Second Mithril Miniatures Dwarf Traveller

It's been a long time since my last post! But I have been painting when I can.

Here is the companion of the Dwarf in my last post. He has been painted for the One Ring December painting challenge, so I have painted him as Santa Dwarf! (Click the pics to enlarge)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mithril Miniatures Dwarf Traveller

I recently discovered Mithril Miniatures, a company near Cork in the Republic of Ireland, who make Lord of the the Rings and Hobbit miniatures, but not based on the film. They had a sale on their Classics range a while back, which I made good use of. I then had the opportunity to visit the factory itself when my family had a trip 'Down South', as it is known in Northern Ireland. Of course, this meant I had to make the most of it, and picked up a good few bargains!

Here is a Dwarf traveller from a two-pack:

He's based on a 2 pence coin, which leaves more room for basing.
I've entered him in the August painting challenge on the One Ring, and since it's my birthday on Wednesday, you are obliged to create an account, if you haven't already, and vote for me!! :P Joking of course... :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Goblin Town is getting bigger!

I started another board section for my Goblin Town today, featuring a large, mountainous rock in one corner, under which is Gollum's cave! I have approached this in a different manner than the other rocky parts of my Goblin Town (mainly because I've run out of large sections of styrofoam!). This time I built up a sort of frame from cardboard and foamboard, around which I have built up strips of cardboard (just regular corrugated stuff) all stuck down with masking tape. All those boxes for new minis in the post are very useful, so hold onto them!

These pictures are at a midway-point of completing the cardboard coverage, to let you see the method. As always, click to enlarge.

The new extension

Gollum's cave underneath

Some of the pool will be included

The main structure. The pieces of pink foam were stuck in to add strength. You can see the tunnel entrance leading to Gollum's cave at the bottom left.

The tunnel leading to Gollum's cave. The hole is to allow movement of the figures in a game. Gollum's cave is to the left.

The old and new boards side-by-side. The old rock wall will be extended slightly and plenty of new walkways will be added all over the place!

The Great Goblin surveys the building work.
Hope you like the new addition! I've had plenty of fun building it. Since taking pictures, I have added stalagmites and stalactites to Gollum's cave. The next step will be papier maché, which I haven't done since Primary School! Then I'll add scenic cement to texture, then the walkways, then paint... phew, still plenty to do yet! And I haven't even finished the first board completely...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

More Dwarves

I've finished some of the dwarves from Thorin's Company. They're good fun to paint due to the individual details and characters and the wide variety of colours. A great exercise in mixing paints and layering!

I've used my own colour scheme for parts of each of them, trying to marry the film and book colours. Fili, for example, has blue edging to keep in with his blue hood in the book, and Gloin has white clothing under his red armour.


Back view of Dwalin


Oin. I was particularly pleased with the face and beard here!

Oin's back has a noticeable line where the arm piece was inserted. I just painted the top grey to make it look like it was meant to be there!


Fili, Oin, Gloin
More to come! I'm expecting my first Mithril Miniatures in the post soon, to represent two mysterious wizards and their chums...

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Balrog Conversion, Goblins and Anfalas Levy

Exams are over, and I'm just back from a little break in Edinburgh with my family (Games Workshop a few yards up the street from the hotel!) and I've got stuck in with the hobby again.

First up, I won a metal Balrog off eBay, and decided to do a bit of conversion work. I wanted a different pose to make it unique, and also my friend has one too, so it would be nice to have some variation.
So here are the pics:
The Balrog

Close up of Green Stuff sculpting (I was quite pleased with it, if I may say so myself!)

I cut the left arm at the elbow, pinned it at a right angle, then sculpted a new elbow.

A Balrog is always going to be at the centre of attention in a battle, so the ground is strewn with arrows and discarded weaponry. Bitz from Perry Wars of the Roses, Conquest Games Norman Knights and a Rohan Royal Guard sword.

Spent arrows.

The previous owner of this shield has most likely fled in terror at the sight of the monster approaching!

I've also painted the first four Goblins from Escape from Goblin Town. They are very character-filled models, and when painting them you really notice all the (rather repulsive) details. I've tried to create a variety of skin tones, overall trying to give the impression of various illnesses and maladies plaguing these twisted creatures.

This fellow has been unfortunate enough to have one eye completely obscured by his face growing over it. Yuck.

His equally delightful back.

Another pretty little Goblin.

The picture doesn't really look much like it does in real life - his head looks like Radagast's bird friends have perched on it too...

This Goblin is a little paler, with more green mixed in. I like the mad looking pose on this one. I changed the angle of the sword hand a little to differentiate from his duplicate.

This chap has the most green mixed in, so he's a little more related to the Moria Goblins. I painted his eyes so they are not quite facing the same way, and moved his arm round a bit. All in all he looks a bit demented. It's a versatile pose - he can look angry and grabbing forward, or clean terrified and backing off.

This guy needs to see a doctor - but pity help the doctor who tries to treat him!

The merry crew.

Finally, an update on the Fiefdoms. Here are some of the Anfalas Levy, untrained but hardy men from Golasgil's region:

That's that for now, quite a long post as I haven't had time to paint or post in a long time. Thanks for reading!

Friday, 17 May 2013

I am still alive!

In case you have missed me (you have, haven't you??), just letting you all know that I am doing my AS exams at the moment, so painting etc. is on hold until the delightful things are finished! My painting desk is currently dedicated to Chemistry and Biology notes...
Ah well, they will all be over on June 19th!