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Monday, 18 March 2013

Golasgil, Tarnost Guard and Goblin Town progress

One of my fiefdoms that I have been working on (using Perry miniatures) is Anfalas, which is Pinnath Gelin's southern neigbour, and one of the westernmost coastal areas in Gondor. Tolkien described the people as mostly farmers and fishermen who were not well equipped for war, except for the house of Golasgil, the Lord of Anfalas.
Here is my Golasgil:

He's created from a few parts from different sets, with some sculpting from greenstuff by myself. The head and body are from the Perry Mercenaries set. The beard, however, is sculpted on by me (which I'm rather chuffed with!). The wolfskin cloak is from the Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen box, with some sculpting around his neck. The base is meant to depict Golasgil in one of his subject's fields (because they're farmers) which is being raided. I pictured him as an older man, in contrast to my younger-looking Hirluin the Fair.

Here's a little look at the progress with my Goblin Town board:

Atmospheric shot of the Great Goblin going for a dander in the cavern:

A view of the supports for the walkways. (I'll paint over that huge brown splodge on the rock!)

And to finish, some shiny new (only recently released) minis from eBob Miniatures. These are the excellent new Normans from eBob, which are really lovely sculpts. I'm using them as the town guard of Tarnost. Tarnost is a town in the Belfalas region of Gondor. I've designed a new version of the White Tree for their shields. The guy on the right is a Captain of the Guard, and I've stuck on a feather from one of the Perry helmets to mark out his position.


  1. Very good. I like how your goblin town is progressing!

  2. Just discovered this blog, some excellent painting and i love what you've done with the Perrys!

    1. Thanks very much, Maxamillian! I have enjoyed using non-LotR models to represent unseen characters from the books.

  3. First thing I want to comment on is your Goblin Town. I love it. I'm trying to build some bridges etc for my own Goblin Town myself too, using the plastic sprues you cut miniatures away from. Once that runs out I'll use other things. I want it to look like how it would do. Them using whatever things they could find to make the bridges.

    Now, let me comment on Golasgil. You've done an excellent job with him. He looks really cool. A fitting Lord to lead the troops into battle in my opinion.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment, Nathan!
      I've tried to do as you intend to with Goblin Town, that is, to make it as the goblins themselves would - in fact, much of the 'scaffolding' was done when I had run out of superglue - it's the string and paint that is holding a lot of it together!
      Thanks for the kind words about Golasgil. He's the model I have done most conversion work on, so he is more individual I feel.