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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Battle Report - Seize the Prize, Part 1

My friend and I had a very enjoyable game of LotR Strategy Battle Game the other day. The scenario was ‘Seize the Prize’ from Legions of Middle-earth. I was playing as High Elves, while my friend used his Dwarves.

Background: Rumours had spread that an important (and very shiny) object was enclosed in an ancient tomb in the wilds of Middle-earth. Thus the Elves, lovers of all things shiny, set out to retrieve the artefact. However the Dwarves, also lovers of all things shiny, had also set out to claim the artefact as their own. So the stage was set for a tragic (but very exciting) confrontation.

Elf army:

·      Glorfindel on Asfaloth and with Armour of Gondolin
o   High Elf with banner
o   11 High Elves with spear and shield
·      Erestor
o   High Elf with banner
o   High Elf with spear and shield
o   4 High Elves with Elf bow
o   6 High Elves with Elven blade
·      High Elf Captain (Erurainon)
o   8 High Elves with spear and shield
o   4 High Elves with Elf bow
·      Great Eagle (as reinforcements)

Dwarf army:

·      Durin
o   12 Khâzad Guard
·      King’s Champion and 2 heralds
·      Daín
o   8 Dwarf Warriors with shield
o   4 Dwarf Warriors with bow
·      Balin (reinforcements)
o   4 Dwarf Rangers with two-handed axe
o   2 Dwarf Rangers with bow

Battlefield Layout and Deployment:

            In the centre of the board was a large ruin, with the tomb containing the artefact at the centre. The Elves (minus the Great Eagle) deployed on the road in the forest. The Dwarves (minus Balin’s warband) deployed around the cave at the opposite corner.

The Battlefield 
The objective in the tomb

Turn 1:
This turn had each army moving towards the objective.

Glorfindel leads his warriors down the forest road
The Dwarves move out

Turn 2:
            On the roll of a 5, the Dwarven reinforcements arrived, emerging from the dark cave.

The two armies continued towards the objective.

Turn 3:
The longer stride of the Elves meant that Erestor reached the tomb first. He makes his first attempt at unearthing the artefact, but the heavy stone lid is difficult to move.

Turn 4:
            The Dwarves, noticing that the Elf nearly had his hands on the object, were spurred on to try and retrieve it. The King’s Champion moved in on the tomb, while the Khâzad Guard vaulted over the ruined walls in their eagerness. In retaliation, the first group of Elves formed a line across the objective in defence of Erestor.

Seeing the roaring Champion thundering towards him, Erestor threw one of his Noldorin Daggers at the Dwarf, but the slender blade bounced harmlessly off the thick armour. Not wasting any time, Erestor quickly returned to removing the tomb’s lid – and succeeded! He reached in and lifted out the glittering object – a ring!

Turn 5:
            Erestor swiftly made an exit from the ruins carrying the ring, while the battle lines joined. The Dwarves were not going to let the pointy-ear get away that easily!

Over the first cries of battle the screech of an Eagle, flying to the aid of the Elves, was heard.

A Dwarf archer, whose arrow ended the immortal life of an Elf warrior, claimed the first blood. Glorfindel beat off a Herald, but even his Elven blade failed to penetrate the Dwarf’s defences.

Three other Elves fell to the axes of the King’s Champion, Durin and a Khâzad Guard. Only one Dwarf fell to the blade of an Elf.

Turn 6:
            As the battle continues, the Dwarf archer (now named Sniper Dwarf) who took out the first Elf, claims his second victim. The Elven archers shot down a Dwarf in revenge.

Dain and Durin killed three Elves between them, while Asfaloth’s flailing hooves knocked a Khâzad Guard to the ground, and another falls to a sharp Elven blade.


Hope you have enjoyed it so far!

Part 2

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