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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pinnath Gelin

I have used the Perry Bros' excellent Wars of the Roses miniatures to create an army that I have based loosely on Pinnath Gelin, one of Gondor's Fiefdoms. It could also be used for Arnor or other armies as well I suppose.

First up, Hirluin the Fair (on horse), a trumpeter and a captain:

Here is a brave knight of the Green Hills accompanied by a banner bearer. The banner features my family crest and a White Tree of Gondor to keep it LotR related:

Three archers. Like the rider above, they have the White Tree on the green half of their jacket to mark their allegiance to Gondor's capital:

The army also includes more riders, archers and men-at-arms. I hope to get the plastic Mercenaries set from Perry Miniatures to do some conversions and add lots of pikemen.

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