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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Reinforcements for Pinnath Gelin

I got the Perry Plastic Mercenaries box, which are, like the first box, excellent figures.

I have painted the first of the captains, and this one sports a rather flamboyant feather on his helmet:

These are the other four captains I made from the set. The third has spare command arms from the War of the Roses Infantry box set.

And here are two musicians: a trumpeter and a drummer.

Here are all the figures I built from this set. I used the spare arms I had left from the Infantry box to convert some more pikemen and have a few more two-handed weapons.

I also painted some more of the Infantry box figures. Here is the captain with two-handed weapon and his banner bearer:

These are the two banner bearers from the Infantry box. As you can see they are the same apart from the stripe at the end, which is to distinguish between units in battle.

Finally, another of the metal horsemen:

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