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Friday, 31 August 2012

Haradrim Commanders

As I mentioned in the previous post, I ordered some Perry Miniatures Muslims from their Crusades range to act as Haradrim command models and heroes. Like the Wars of the Roses figures, they are excellent.

These are pictures of them pre-painted to show my slight conversions and additions.
Firstly, the two banner bearers and a hornblower:

I added the cross-piece and used tomato puree tube foil to create the banners, simple but effective.

Here are the two captains:

The one on the right has had his small axe swapped for a sabre to compliment the Haradrim style more.

This character-filled miniature is a Turkish captor with a prisoner looking uncomfortable underfoot. I will use him as Dalamyr the Corsair with a poor Gondorian captive:

Finally, here is my version of the Golden King of Abrakhân, created from a seated Seljuq Turk Emir and his court, and two oxen. Whether or not sitting on the backs of two oxen would be feasible in the real world or not, I was pleased with the result!

This picture shows how the King is removable as I pinned the throne to the oxen's backs. The rope was made from a thread of string, twisted and superglued.

This royal attendant adds a little character to the piece - I call him the Ferrero Rocher Man!

Another mini I put on the base to add character is the drummer - it has no affect in games, but looks nice. He's probably there to keep the oxen in step!

Here are the two guards who stand on either side of the King to protect him from attacks. In game, I'll pretend they have two-handed weapons.

This miniature was a difficult one to decide what to do with. If used in the historical context, he would have been an advisor leaning over to whisper plans in the Emir's ear. However, since my Emir/King's throne is not on the ground, but high on two oxen's backs, the advisor had no-one to whisper to. Then I thought of having him lead the oxen with a rope attached to the yoke, which is passed through a hole I drilled in his hand behind his back. He is now, instead of whispering, shouting: "Make way for the King of Abrakhân!"

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