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Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to make foil banners

I had a request from a member of the One Ring to write an article on how to make the foil banners you can see in my last post.

So, here's a guide to the process, which is really very simple.

What you need

To make the banner, all you need is:

  • a metal pike/length of brass rod
  • superglue
  • tomato puree tube foil
  • a sharp knife/pair of scissors


1. Cut off about 1 inch of the metal pike/brass rod to make the crosspiece. Cut out a triangle from the metal foil, with the short end being just under 1 inch long:

2. Cut a semicircle from the top of the triangle:

3. Fold the ends of the triangle round the crosspiece and superglue in place:

4. Insert the main banner pole through the hole as shown below and shape the banner around the pole, and superglue in place:

Done! It's as simple as that!

The finished banner

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