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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Finished Knights of the Green Hills and beginning of Anfalas

Knights of the Green Hills

I finished painting my Knights of the Green Hills, who will ride with Hirluin their lord. So here are the pictures! (Click to enlarge)

The different horses and colours of horses help to distinguish the two above. Also, the one on the right has a little beard.

The two above are the same figure, but I did a headswap for the one on the right to make them look different.


I decided that my pikemen should have a different colour scheme to add some flavour to the army, so I decided to have an alliance between Pinnath Gelin and their neighbours to the south - Anfalas. The Fiefdom of Anfalas was a sparsely populated place, and the men were mostly hunters and farmers. Only the household of their lord, Golasgil, was in any way well equipped for battle.
So here is the beginning of Golasgil's household troops, a banner bearer and a pikeman:

The design on this banner depicts a white bird and the White Tree. I chose blue partly because there was no blue in my Pinnath Gelin army, and also Anfalas is along the coast, so the sea would have great influence.

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  1. They look fantastic - love the use of historical miniatures for Fiefdoms troops, the freehand on the Warriors of Anfalas is especially good; I've nominated you for the Liebster award, as your work is inspirational: http://chrisgomhobbyblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/liebster-award-pleasant-surprise.html

    1. Thank you very much, Chris, that's very kind of you!