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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Balrog Conversion, Goblins and Anfalas Levy

Exams are over, and I'm just back from a little break in Edinburgh with my family (Games Workshop a few yards up the street from the hotel!) and I've got stuck in with the hobby again.

First up, I won a metal Balrog off eBay, and decided to do a bit of conversion work. I wanted a different pose to make it unique, and also my friend has one too, so it would be nice to have some variation.
So here are the pics:
The Balrog

Close up of Green Stuff sculpting (I was quite pleased with it, if I may say so myself!)

I cut the left arm at the elbow, pinned it at a right angle, then sculpted a new elbow.

A Balrog is always going to be at the centre of attention in a battle, so the ground is strewn with arrows and discarded weaponry. Bitz from Perry Wars of the Roses, Conquest Games Norman Knights and a Rohan Royal Guard sword.

Spent arrows.

The previous owner of this shield has most likely fled in terror at the sight of the monster approaching!

I've also painted the first four Goblins from Escape from Goblin Town. They are very character-filled models, and when painting them you really notice all the (rather repulsive) details. I've tried to create a variety of skin tones, overall trying to give the impression of various illnesses and maladies plaguing these twisted creatures.

This fellow has been unfortunate enough to have one eye completely obscured by his face growing over it. Yuck.

His equally delightful back.

Another pretty little Goblin.

The picture doesn't really look much like it does in real life - his head looks like Radagast's bird friends have perched on it too...

This Goblin is a little paler, with more green mixed in. I like the mad looking pose on this one. I changed the angle of the sword hand a little to differentiate from his duplicate.

This chap has the most green mixed in, so he's a little more related to the Moria Goblins. I painted his eyes so they are not quite facing the same way, and moved his arm round a bit. All in all he looks a bit demented. It's a versatile pose - he can look angry and grabbing forward, or clean terrified and backing off.

This guy needs to see a doctor - but pity help the doctor who tries to treat him!

The merry crew.

Finally, an update on the Fiefdoms. Here are some of the Anfalas Levy, untrained but hardy men from Golasgil's region:

That's that for now, quite a long post as I haven't had time to paint or post in a long time. Thanks for reading!


  1. Interesting work on the Balrog. Are you deliberately leaving off the wings?

    Nice take on the levy - are they Perry's?

    1. Good point, I forgot to mention that I will hopefully use different wings, inspired what DurinsBane on the One Ring did for his Bridge of Khazad-dum diorama. The wings are dragon wings from Games Workshop, a quick search on the GW website will find them.

      The levies are from the Perrys' European Mercenaries plastic box.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. My exams were over not too long ago, it's a joy when they're done!
    Nice painting on the levy and the goblins, the tree badge on the levy is simple but really works.

    1. Yes, it's a great relief!

      Thanks, I wanted to keep it simple so that it would be easy to paint the same each time! It's effective for gaming standard.

  3. Hello, have you finished painting the Balrog ? You started really well !!